Looking for TV Stands that are Portable

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Do you in need for a temporary display?


Maybe you are having an exhibition or expo. Probably for your wedding venue? We carrry many mobile TV stands available that can be assembled and dismantle with minimal effort. These flat panel units feature a truss design that provides stability and portability. Each of these units uses self-screwing poles, making installation quick and simple. We also carry TV stand that are over 8' tall to be seen over a crowd in a trade show or convention center. Many of these displays can hold two televisions in either landscape or portrait format. This line of portable TV stands also includes several all-in-one trade show displays.



When taking about portable, what features are your main concern? Based on our experiences and feedback from our customers, the following are some criterias :

  1. Lightweight, not too heavy
  2. Easy to assemble and dismantle
  3. Not too bulky
  4. Comes with carrying bag
  5. Looks modern and appealing

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