Tips Measure for a TV Cabinet

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Firstly, you must know the measurement of TV before you choose your TV cabinet. The measurement of TV cabinet include the height, width and depth of each unit. To accurate determine whether or not your TV will fit a certain cabinet style, you must measure the TV dimension. Below, we have share tips to measure for a TV cabinet.


1. Measure the TV

Measure the height, width and depth of your TV to ensure you are buying a TV cabinet that comparable in size to your TV. Using a measuring tape, measure the height of your TV by extending measuring tape vertically across the TV unit. Nest, measure the width of your TV by extending your measuring tape horizontally across the entire TV unit. It must include the TV frame. Lastly, measure the depth of your TV by extending measuring tape across the thickness part of your TV unit.


  • TV Height



  • TV Width



  • TV Depth



2. Measure the space

The measurement of space is important to make sure TV cabinet fit with the space. Measure the floor space you have available for a TV cabinet. Sit on the sofa in your room and determine the line of sight. The middle of the TV should meet the line of sight a person has when seated in the room. Choose a TV cabinet that will place the TV at the correct height.


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