The Guide Buying a TV

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Today, there are many types of TV in the market and you have many options to buy the TV. This cause confusing which TV is the best one. This article will give you guide to buying your TV.



Screen Size

It must be measured diagonally from corner to corner and not including surrounding bezel. You must know the distance of your seat with the position of your TV. The bigger your screen size, the longer your position from the screen. This is important to give comfortable to the people when watching movie. You also need to choose TV that will fit with TV cabinet and space at your room.




Generally, the quality of the picture depends on the resolution of the TV. The higher the number of pixels, the more detailed the picture quality will be. This additional pixel is to improve the brightness of the colors, the sharpness of the images and the overall clarity of the picture.

 The latest TV technology is 4K or Ultra High Definition that has four times the number of pixels of a Full HD or 1080p TV. It means that, 4K TV produce an image that is up to four times sharper than a standard Full HD TV. A 4K Ultra HD TV has over 8 million pixels comprising the picture which are 3840p horizontally and 2160p vertically while Full HD TV has over 2 million pixels comprising the picture which are 1920p horizontally and 1080p vertically.



Screen Technology

The two screen technologies for TV are LED and OLED which is the latest one. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes while OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diodes. Both screen technologies provide bright, vivid colors when watching, contrast the image on your screen. However, OLED produces deeper blacks and a smoother image, along with reduced motion blur. The advantage of LED TV are more cheaper than OLED TV, produces great picture quality and have more choice because it easier to produce. The advantage of OLED TV is richer and more vivid colors and contrast than LED TV. It also has lower energy consumption than LED, excellent quality picture and their screen are thinner.



Smart TV

Smart TV is TV that allows you to access online content via the internet using applications built into the TV. You can stream your favorite TV shows, movies and watch on your TV which give you the wider screen than a laptop. All you need is access to Wifi.



Curved TV

A TV whose surface is slightly concave on the horizontal and produce a much more immersive and engaging viewing experience. The best place you sit to watch the movie is directly in front of curved TV, so you can get the full impact of the concave display.



Furniture to place TV

Before you are decided to buy the TV, you must consider the TV size with your TV furniture. A TV cabinet is suitable if you wants TV furniture that has more storage and it will look neat by keep the TV wires. TV stand also is the best choice and it also can place your DVD players. If you have a limited space, you can have wall mount but you also need to consider the weight of your TV.





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